Magic Circle工作会议在上海正式举行

创意ST服务提供商Magic Circle于11月12日至14日在上海星动力科技创新空间正式举行了工作会议。

为期两天的会议在两个方向举行:技术和市场。从技术上看,Magic Circle相关技术的研究与开发正在稳步发展,DID钱包和平台的基本功能正在有序发展。DID钱包已经发布了Beta版以供内部测试。功能包括以太坊钱包功能,身份管理功能,声明相关功能,扫描代码登录功能,dapp浏览器功能,对内部测试ST的支持等,并且初步设计了ST的链上一致性。

IDHub基金会主席兼MagicCircle创始人曲明表示,Magic Circle是一家由创新区块链技术驱动的企业,旨在提供加密金融领域的基础设施。通过专注和深化意法半导体领域,Magic Circle致力于为行业提供针对资产的高效,安全和便捷的一站式数字服务,涵盖意法半导体发行,合规,交易到投资的整个过程。服务提供商也是第一个提供UT和ST聚合服务的平台。

For users, Magic Circle will allow them to fully perceive the joy of innovation investment. Through continuous innovation of concepts, models and technologies in the ST field, they will explore more interesting and imaginative innovation investments for users, and convey that investment is a pleasure Value proposition and the brand spirit of independence, professionalism, value innovation, and open collaboration.

Magic Circle’s US market partner Mikhail LaPushner introduced the rapid development of ST in the US market, while focusing on ST’s exploration in the sports, music and Hollywood industries. According to him, as of March 2019, 122 STO projects have been successfully issued, raising a total of US $ 512 million. At present, 54 digital securities products are in the process of issuance. Of a total of 328 STO projects, only 12 failed to issue, accounting for only 3.65%. It can be seen that ST is becoming a potential innovative financing method and a value expression form of the digital economy. Especially in the sports, music and film fields, ST is expected to provide new financing channels for small and medium-sized innovative enterprises. It is recognized and applied by more and more enterprises.

As a strategic investment partner of Magic Circle, SAF Investment Fund partner Ben Ng fully recognizes the development potential of ST as a new financing method, and is looking forward to the future prospects of Magic Circle. Ben Ng said that ST has changed the traditional financing model and promoted the efficient circulation of assets in a more fragmented and granular way. Both investors and issuers will benefit from this, and now global financial regulators and traditional financial institutions are also benefiting from the new technology of blockchain. It is believed that in the near future, as a pioneer in this field, Magic Circle will provide a more convenient infrastructure for global asset liquidity through standardized ST technology.

At present, Magic Circle has reached cooperation with a number of partners in the digital identity, crypto funds, and ST fields, including MyGo, Asia’s first real estate crypto hedge fund, and Asia’s first tokenized venture capital fund for the blockchain field. Atlas Fund, Hiro Art Foundation, a ST project centered on world-renowned artist trust funds, IDHub Foundation, the world’s leading decentralized digital identity organization, and CryptoFin Lab, a research institution focusing on digital asset development, will further introduce more cooperation in the future Partners to jointly build a free, fair and efficient innovative trading ecosystem.

当全球经济一体化和金融自由化的趋势不可阻挡时,由区块链技术驱动的金融革命将超出想象。人们将需要无边界,高效和可信的交易环境,所有这些都要求我们从基础设施建设入手。作为创新的ST服务提供商,Magic Circle将为此而努力。

With innovative technology solutions, Provide complete tools and infrastructure for the crypto-finance world