Magic Circle and Skyhook Form Strategic Partnership to Expand Global Digital Securities Investor Network

Hong Kong, February 15, 2022 — Magic Circle, a provider of STO solutions, announced a strategic partnership with Skyhook Capital, a Singapore-based FinTech company, to offer a global issuance and distribution network for digital securities, giving Investor’s across all market segments access to high quality, investment-grade securities with the benefits of product innovation and supply chain efficiencies that digital securities deliver over conventional products.

Skyhook Capital, a Singapore-based FinTech company focused on distributing investment-grade digital assets to institutional and retail investors, has launched Skyhook’s Digital Asset Wealth Network — Skyhook DAWN™, an“industry-standard” SaaS platform that supports the issuance, distribution, and custody of security tokens with direct integration to the e-wealth systems used by financial institutions which enable financial institutions to efficiently manage wealth portfolios, combining traditional financial products with security tokens to support the investment needs of institutional and high-net-worth clients.

Magic Circle is a global service provider for companies in regulated jurisdictions to raise capital globally through the innovative blockchain security token offering solutions. Magic Circle is already helping a number of Chinese and overseas companies, such as freight SAAS platform company, DeFi project, Cryptocurrency mining company, and tokenization funds to raise capital using STO. Magic Circle has also developed and designed a complete set of chain-neutral STO compliance issuance platforms, compliance trading protocols, digital identity, and ST wallet tools. With 3 years of development, Magic Circle has become a leading STO consultant and technology provider in Asia.

Through this partnership, Magic Circle assisted the compliant security tokens will be integrated with Skyhook DAWN™, and the security tokens issued through Magic Circle will be automated for distribution and trade through the DAWN™ network.

Skyhook Capital CEO and Founder of Lawrence Grinceri: “Magic Circle brings unparalleled capabilities in digital securities issuance and is a leading provider in major markets across Asia and the US. Magic Circle will bring a large flow of high-quality, investment-grade digital securities to Skyhook DAWN™ through which wealth service providers can identify and onboard to their investment product shelf. Private Banks, Independent Financial Advisors, Family Offices, and Online Investment Portals are the “point of sale” for investment decisions and our mission is to make investing in digital securities a seamless experience for mainstream Investors.”

Doer QU, CEO, and Founder of Magic Circle: “We are proud to have collaborated with Skyhook Capital in the STO space. The objectives and concepts of DAWN™ are completely matched with Magic Circle’s vision for highly efficient capital raising and increased liquidity by digital assets, and fully satisfying the particular needs of each jurisdiction and investor. Through this partnership, we believe that more compliant new digital assets will reach more institutional investors and wealth managers and that over the next 5 years, we will have $10Billion of digital asset issuance and transactions to be managed through the integrated Skyhook DAWN™ and Magic Circle platform.”

About Skyhook Capital

Skyhook Capital Pte. Ltd. has launched the first marketplace for digital assets with full integration into conventional investment product distribution networks. Skyhook’s Digital Assets Wealth Network (Skyhook DAWN™) provides a single connection point on the cloud for conventional e-wealth and digital banking channels to access digital securities and services over distributed ledger technology. As a gateway for digital securities distribution and management, Skyhook DAWN™ incorporates a proven architecture with a universal API to support business integration into multiple distribution channels and the solution components to source, transact and settle digital and conventional securities. For more information, please visit:

About Magic Circle

Magic Circle is a global tech and consulting company headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in Beijing, Tokyo, and New York. It specializes in security token technology research and development services, security token offering (STO) consulting services, and investor and public relations services. Magic Circle helps clients in private markets solve compliant issues and to realize their real liquidity. The security token stakeholders can safely transfer and manage securities using blockchain technology. For more information,please visit



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