HKVAX allies with Magic Circle to Bring Security Tokens to Hong Kong

“Magic Circle is a global leader in asset tokenization technology with previous STO experiences in US & China,” said Matthew Cheung, Chief Strategy Officer of HKVAX. “We believe through partnering with Magic Circle, we can bring the best virtual asset offerings to our Asia customers.”

“Digital assets has already formed a global trend and consensus, and more and more financial institutions and investors are starting to invest in it. And compliance is a common need for market participants and regulators. We are honored to have the opportunity to cooperate with HKVAX to jointly promote compliant digital asset issuance and trading, explore innovative digital asset products and issuance and trading methods, and improve the related technical infrastructure together,” said Doer Qu, CEO of Magic Circle. “We believe that working with the young and innovative team of HKVAX will further drive the development of the compliant digital asset market in Hong Kong and Asian. We also look forward to Magic Circle’s clients being able to trade on HKVAX’s platform soon.”



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